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1 Dec 2017

IN THE HOSPITAL Grind... Hustle... 24/7... These were the entrepreneurial phrases flowing through my head as I lay in a hospital bed in the emergency room.

26 Sep 2017

Somewhere in my attic there is a box or two of DVD's.

It's not a hidden porn stash.

It's a box of internet marketing training programs and conferences.

Yanik Silver. Jeff Walker. Andy Jenkins.

These are not names most people know.

There are dozens of DVD's, CD's, and three...

21 Sep 2017

Recently on the blog and in my private and group coaching I've talked a lot about content creation and branding.


Because in the 21st Century the sales process begins when people first become aware of you with whatever content you or or your company are creating.


12 Sep 2017

We've all seen things go viral, get big, or break records.

This past weekend we saw a new record broken with the movie "It" making a killing at the box office.

The new adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel brought in an estimated $123.1 million for Warner Bros. and...

29 Aug 2017

In the 21st Century to sell your product or services you have to have some sort of foundational marketing process in place to sell more of whatever it is you're selling.

The more products and services that you have to offer the more aligned you'll be to help potential c...

23 Aug 2017

"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you do not see, so you could be who you always known you could be."​ Stan Way of Peak Sales Results

11 Jul 2017

"Don't you ever put salt on a snail or a snug!" I remember my mom telling me when I was just a little boy. The words of caution were delivered with force and sincerity. And I knew she meant business.

But I was a little boy, and I had to explore the world because I thoug...

13 Jun 2017

Stories sell.

You should be using them in your sales process.

They also teach lessons very well.

Let me tell you one.

Samuel Morse was a struggling portrait artist in 1832 when, by chance, he overheard a conversation about an experiment in electromagnetism.

Intrigued by the...

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