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All Great People Have Coaches

Recently on the blog and in my private and group coaching I've talked a lot about content creation and branding.


Because in the 21st Century the sales process begins when people first become aware of you with whatever content you or or your company are creating.

It's called "top of funnel" content because it's how people come into the top of your sales funnel.

Basic stuff.

Recently I was interviewed for the Neon Noise podcast, and while the focus on the discussion was probably intended to be on sales, we got off on a tangent about Facebook Ads, marketing, and even went over when I sold beer as a child and mindset problems that all business owners face.

And, as you can see from the picture above, we talk about the importance of having a coach and mentor in your business.

It's an eclectic interview and discussion to be sure, but please check it out here and make sure that you're changing your sales game to match the century we're in.

More cool sales advice coming soon.

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