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Why You Need A Professional Sales Coach If You're In Sales

Stan Way Coaching a Sales Person From His iPhone

"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you do not see, so you could be who you always known you could be."

- Tom Landry

It's 2017.

Technology, understanding of the human brain, the way we interact, and life as we know it is very different than it was in 1996.

Cars are now electric (Tesla) and even fly (Terrafugia). Homes with solar roofs will soon be a thing. And in our house we even have a little robot that cleans up our floors (thanks Roomba!) and I can order more laundry detergent by speaking to my wired home devices.

The world has changed in almost every single way.

However, one thing that doesn't seem to be catching up with the rest of the world is sales.

The techniques, tools, patterns, processes, and skill sets that would sell a product or service 20 years ago no longer apply in the same ways. But the problem is that most large companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and sales professionals in general are relying on old outdated information, and struggling to close the desired amount of business to bring in revenue.

Most businesses and sales people will suffer and die if things don't change. And the data and statistics back this up 100%. According to one recent study 96% of businesses will fail in their first 5 years.


Lots of reasons. But ultimately because sales are not happening at the rate to keep the lights on.

It's simple really.

Yet most people are refusing to change.

I recently did some training for a small group of realtors in New England and gave them 20 proven techniques to close more sales spending less money on marketing in the next six months. Most of them laughed at some of the things I shared. But three applied what I taught and on the track to be six figure commission closers this year.

Why did the majority of this small group of realtors laugh?

Perhaps because they thought it was too cool to talk about meditation in front of their buddies? Perhaps because their egos were in the way? Perhaps because most of what I was saying didn't talk about closing techniques and lead generation.

What people have been taught is wrong. And it starts from the top and trickles on down.

Think of your heroes though. Professional. Personal. Sports. Historical. Military.

Almost all of them had a coach or mentor. I can guarantee it.

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest NBA basketball players of all time, had a coach he worked with every single day.

Every. Single Day.

Aristotle. He had a mentor.

Tim Ferris. Tai Lopez. Tina Turner. They all had coaches and mentors too.

And all of my mentors have had (and currently do have) coaches and mentors too.

If you want to be like the leaders in your industry then you need to be doing what they are doing. And 99% of the time I can guarantee they've had some sort of mentoring or coaching 1:1 to help them get there.

I don't care if you work with me and Peak Sales Results. We're not the right fit for everyone. Do we teach closing techniques? Yes. Do we teach you how to do a pattern interrupt in your dream scaping to help a potential client close themselves mentally? You better believe it. Will we help you refine your sales process, tweak your script, and even mentor you in marketing and lead generation? Yes. All of the way.

But when you work with us you have to start with the basics. Who are you personally? What drives you? - You probably don't even know! - What's your type of communication? Do you self sabotage? And if so, why? Do you practice proper breathing? Do you have current mindset techniques you practice every day? Is the product and service you're selling aligning with your true core principles?

It sounds like a bunch of hoopla and fru fru hippie dippie stuff.

But it works.

When you're firing psychologically on all cylinders it allows you to then do the things most sales people and business owners think of as "the real sales" stuff, like actually closing deals and making money.

But we work on the basics first.

We use science in everything that we do, and we're bringing sales, sales professionals, and sales leaders with us into the 21st Century.

No longer can you knock on doors and try a hard sell. You've got to back that up with automated follow ups, text based communications, and yes, oh yes!, a website and sales funnel.

You need a coach. And whether it's us here at Peak Sales Results, or Ryan Stewman, or Grant Cardone, or even Jordan Stupar, I don't care. That's the beautiful thing about the sales industry. There are more than enough legitimate coaches and proven professionals to go around. Are there fake gurus? Yes. But we at Peak and the few I've listed here are all working from a core of integrity, and although our techniques, styles, and personalities may be vastly different, each of us can help you.

We just take a more holistic and hands on approach.

Because who wants a coach that they cannot even talk to?

But I'm here to warn you, like a friendly prophet of doom, that if you don't get the proper coaching and mentoring you need then you'll never reach the peak potential of your success.

So go find a coach. Sell more of your product and service. And stop using outdated techniques. It's time that you and your sales process entered the 21st Century with the rest of society.

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