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People Need What You've Got

If you are in sales then the odds are people need (or would at least like) what you're offering.

the problem in closing sales comes in your message and marketing though.

Yes I need shoes.

But if Sperry advertised their brand as "We keep glass out of your feet" then I might not be able to get my mind off of painful steps when I think of their shoes.

Messaging. Branding. Your message.

These are the things that keep people from working with you.

Have you ever had a potential client that you just knew was the perfect fit for your product or service, but they didn't buy?

When someone is the perfect client the only reason they will not buy is because your messaging is off.

Do people need a swift kick in the butt? Yes. Almost everyone does.

Could you ever sell a swift kick in the butt advertising it like that?

Of course not!

That's why I call my own services sales coaching and sales training, not "Telling You Everything You're Doing Wrong in Sales".

Some things sound better than others, right?

So look at your sales pitch. Your message. Your branding (including your own appearance), and see what needs tweaked in order to close more business.

If you make just a few minor changes that closing ratio is sure to climb.

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