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Visualize the Sale And Make It Happen: How To Get Out Of A Sales Funk

Each morning I take time to meditate in my office before I hope into a busy day of sales.

It's a peaceful moment with just me, my goals, and my vision for the future.

"Imagination rules the world." - Napoleon Bonaparte

And I feel the physical emotions of getting excited about making a sale and helping someone's life get better with my services.

It's a great way to start my day.

And it could radically improve your own sales performance.

Often when I've found when I'm in a sales funk I realize it is because I've skipped or taken lightly this very important practice.

Sales funks are real.

They are funky.

And they can seriously funk you up.

When you're in a sales funk all leads look terrible. All sales calls make you feel like poop, and when you're traveling down this road there seems to be no light at the end of the I'm-Going-To-Fail-At-Life-Tunnel.

Sales actually seem impossible.

But, before you do the impossible, you must first imagine it. And just like how movie directors and authors bring their imagination into existence, our imagination also has the ability to inspire others (and especially ourselves).

Let me give you an example.

In 1974 UCLA's basketball team on on an eighty-eight game winning streak. The Bruins seemed unbeatable. Despite overwhelming odds, Notre Dame Coach Digger Phelps had ffaith that his team could beat the undefeated Bruins. He just needed to make his players believe that they could.

On the week of the game after the first practice of the week Coach Phelps asked his team to imagine how beating UCLA would feel. He told them to think about it. Visualize it. Feel it. And then vocalize it. He told them to celebrate as if they had just won the big game that week.

At first his team gave it half-hearted effort, perhaps thinking that the exercise was corny or a waste of their time. But Coach Phelps persisted and insisted each day after practice that week and continued to encourage them to celebrate as if they had just beaten the Bruins. By the time the final practice was finished the team needed no prompting from their coach. After practice they instantaneously burst into celebration, jumping up and down, hooting, hollering, yelling and hugging each other with the imagined feeling of victory over their legendary rivals.

By the time of the big game the Fighting Irish basketball team had envisioned their moment of victory with such passion and clarity that defeat simply was not an option. With just a couple of minutes to go in the game it looked as if win number eight-nine was all but sealed for the Bruins. However, as if out of nowhere, Notre Dame scored the last twelve points of the game to defeat top-ranked UCLA 71-70, ending their eighty-eight game winning streak.

They won after they believed they were going to win.

And they believed they were going to win after visualizing it over and over again and feeling the emotions of victory throughout the week.

Coach Phelps helped his team garner the imagination needed to bring their goals into reality.

So who is your coach? And how do you defeat the impossible right now?

Are you coachless and hopeless?

If so, do not despair. That's what this blog is for and that's what I'm here for.

I'm here to coach you. To train you. To help you. And to guide you through the world of sales.

Whether you're A+ top salesman or the worst webinar pitchman ever, I hope you'll poke around the Peak Sales Results website and find something to help you out. There's some free resources and some paid.

But don't ever be in a funk.

You can achieve the impossible if only you believe.

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